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Thoughts on the problem by children from School

Every child needs a teacher (school # 52, Lugansk)

What does the word “teacher” means? It’s a person who helps you to discover the science, the world… and even yourself. And for me it means that one more person in this difficult world cares of me and wishes me only the best.
Of course, you may love some teachers or not, but you must understand that all of them are trying to help you. Nowadays, information and knowledge became so important that we really had to study and learn as much as we can.

But what about children who haven’t the opportunity to have a school, a teacher and even the most simple things – a pen, a pencil and a notebook?

 In my opinion, these kids from the poor parts of Africa have the same rights on education as we do.
 The world’s organizations are gathering money for the children who haven’t the chance to study and many governments are helping poor nations to solve that problem.

Eventually, every person must know that life isn’t the same for each of us so we have to be kind and generous for unhappy people and, the most important thing, unhappy children!

Ангелина Захарова

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