пятница, 29 марта 2013 г.

JOIN GAW 2013!

Campaign for Education in Ukraine is a ukrainian coalition that takes part in Global Action Week activities since 2009. Schools, libraries and local groups take part in the events, holding lessons, conferences, events outside the school with children. The blog of the Coalition is www.1goalukraine.blogspot.com 

Our demands of the current campaign is to offer teachers more trainings, to make the payment higher for the teachers, to explain the children the value of the teacher and to reflect the situation with the lack of teachers all over the world.

We will have lessons and festivals, major gatherings of teachers, small children will paint pictures showing the importance of the teacher in the modern world, and high school children will write essays on the topic of importance of the teacher despite the possibility to study via internet.


Blog www.1goalukraine.blogspot.com
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