вторник, 27 марта 2012 г.

Event management and event marketing company firm reveals the 5 secrets to a successful corporate conference and event in las Vegas San Diego Los Angeles NYC new York Chicago and Seoul!

Organizing event is always challenging. Especially, if there are hundreds of business people, who are expecting from you maybe even more than you can ever offer. But the good news is... secrets of success were finally revealed!

Firstly- do they know the city? Do they know when rushhour is? The most quiet time? The details, the weather of the city?

Secondly, do they know your industry? It is a must.

Thirdly, You have to know inside connections everywhere possible, for the venue, and the actual city, crowd control is important. Remember, luck 99% preparation, 1% waiting.

Forthly, the venue. Do they know the venue? Do they have any experience in it?

And finally, the attendies. Has the event company worked with attendies, your best customers, regional managers.

You still hesitate to select the right event management company or firm? Then this link will help you to find the right event management company or Firm From LA, NYC, Chicago, San Diego, Las Vegas, Seoul to Hong Kong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-4z-ZwF5VA

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