четверг, 2 февраля 2012 г.

Global Action Week 2012

In 2012 the Global Campaign for Education is calling upon all governments to invest and commit to Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) and ensure that the most vulnerable children are not left behind. Early childhood care and education programmes provide a strong foundation for good health, growth and success in education and later life and are instrumental to the realisation of the rights of young children, especially the most vulnerable.

The Big Picture is the main action that the GCE is promoting during its 2012 Action Week. The action to create the Big Picture – drawing, painting, photography etc. - will be coordinated by the Big Picture activity centre in each country and involve the active participation of young children as well as adults in a fun activity that reflects the aspirations of children as they grow – happy, healthy children cared for in a secure environment. We hope this action will inspire everyone, small and big, to connect with others through various other activities planned by each country. This is in keeping with what we have done every year and it creates a sense of being part of a global movement in support of Education for All (EFA). Further, we hope that the action will allow us to forge stronger, lasting relationships among young children, families, communities, early childhood practitioners, teachers and all those involved in early childhood care and education.

The Big Picture action aims to influence decision makers at the highest level so that ECCE gets the attention that it requires globally. We know that there is insufficient investment in ECCE in almost all countries, but that high quality ECCE programmes will benefit all children, including the most vulnerable children, both girls and boys, children with disabilities, and children in conflict areas. The Big Picture deliberately involves the active participation of children of different ages as well as adults, including campaigners, parents, celebrities and politicians.

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