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GCE's Global Action Week 2011

    GCE's Global Action Week 2011

Screen_shot_2011-02-24_at_13.05.09GCE’s Global Action Week will take place from the 2nd – 8th May. Millions of campaigners around the world will be taking action, by reading and telling stories.  The theme is It’s a Right!  Make it Right!  Education for Women & Girls Now!
Get involved - www.globalactionweek.org

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Global Action Week 2011


Global Action Week is the most campaign intensive part of the GCE calendar with national educational coalitions preparing for up to nine months in advance to ensure that the week has maximum impact on decision makers. Since its inception, Global Action Week participation has grown from 2 million people in 2003 to over 15 million in 2010.

Global Action Week 2011 will take place from 02-08 May 2011. The 2011 focus is women's and girls' education.
 Click here for the 2011 Global Action Week planning pack.

Resource Pack for 2011