вторник, 29 ноября 2011 г.

School #2 supports The Girl Effect!

Фото 1,2  act out the dialogue
                   Ukraine 2012
-         What are you doing, Ann?
-         I am playing computer, Mum.
-         But you have to do your homework!
-         But mum…. It’s too boring. I don’t want. I want to play games and to chat with my friends online. It’s so amazing….You can’t understand me…
-         No! It’s time for your lessons!
-         But…
-         And then clean your room, please!
-         But I cleaned it last week…
-         Do you hear me?
-         Ok, Mum. Wait a little someone is writing to me.
-         Switch off the computer and do your homework. You must study!
-         But I don’t want to study! I don’t like school, I don’t want to do homework. Wait a little someone is ringing.
-         No! Do your homework.

 Фото3 -  Africa 2012
-         Anita, bring some water!
-         But, Mum, please, I have to do my homework!
-         No! You must help me! Bring some water, feed the cattle, sweep the floor, water the plants, then wash the things.
-         But mum, can J do my homework?
-         No, you don’t have much time for it. We have a lot of  things to do.
-         But… my homework… I want to do it. I want to study. It’s so interesting. My teacher says…
-         No! You have a lot of household chores, you must do it. You will not do your homework today.
-         Ok, mum.
(дочь уходит)
-         My, poor daughter. She wants to study, but we can’t afford it. She must work. She is engaged. But she doesn’t know about it. Soon she will get married. And we will get a cow.

Photo 4-7   presenting projects

Photo 8-9 making projects