понедельник, 8 ноября 2010 г.

1GOAL events in Ukraine

In Ukraine hundreds of schools took part in 1GOAL campaign. Teachers and students discussed the problems of education, were looking for solutions and gave their opinion and offers. From April to October there were held seminars, festivals and events devoted to 1GOAL. Children painted pictures, took photos, signed up for the campaign online to support 1GOAL. 1GOAL lessons were held in Ukraine in English and Russian. Also, Ukrainian coalition cooperated with the activists and teachers from Uzbekistan and Russia, who also took part in 1GOAL campaign.
In Lugansk, Ukraine, on 24th of September 2010 was held the Festival of European Languages in Support of 1GOAL. Children were talking about educaiton, about the importance of foreign languages, about the culture of European countries, children have also shown the presentation of the European countries, talking about the culture, traitions and national peculiarities. Children spoke English, Spanish, French, German, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish.The Festival was held at School #18, Lugansk, Ukraine.
In October, schools' representatives, teachers and activists of different organizations took part in the seminar, shared the ideas and talked about cooperation. 1GOAL coalition in Ukraine presented the presentations about the Big Read 2009 and the 1GOAL campaign, reporting the photos and information about the campaign in Ukraine.
Ukrainian coalition cooperated with the German Radijojo - World Children’s Radio Network and Charity Fund Leleka in England. In Ukraine also supported 1 GOAL Beeline. Beeline GSM Ukraine provided me with the numbers of the sms for 1GOAL campaign. Total of participants via sms are 27 310 people in Ukraine. More than 100 000 people took part in 1GOAL in Ukraine. 

Thanks everyone for supporting 1GOAL!
Ukrainian coalition.

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