пятница, 7 мая 2010 г.

Join1goal: Education for all children!

" It costs $11 billion a year to get ALL children into school, less than the war in Iraq and Afghanistan cost in one month "
Queen Rania hope to have 30 million signatures by the end of the World Cup!
 Because there are 72 million children out of school across the world.

In 2010 the FIFA World Cup in South Africa is a landmark moment: it’s the first ever World Cup to be held on the African continent. As the world’s eyes turn to Africa this June, we will be asking all world leaders to achieve our 1GOAL: Education for All.

World leaders have the power, the resources, and the knowledge to achieve education for all. Watch the ‘Education for All’ film made by Richard Curtis (below) that explains more. 1GOAL will be asking all leaders to make Education for All a reality. In order for us to achieve our 1GOAL we need your help and your support. Join1GOAL and help achieve Education to End Poverty.


Easy! just sign up on 
It takes less than a minute to put your name and your e-mail! :)
So do not forget to sign up and especially talk about it to your friends so they can tell to their friends who are going to tell to their friends!! 

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