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Education Facts

Around the world there are 72 million children who are missing out on school.
Where do they live?
  • Africa – 32 million
  • Asia – 27 million
  • Rest of the world – 13 million
Who are they?
  • The majority are girls (54%)
  • One third live in countries affected by conflict

Why are some children missing out on school?
  • For some the costs of going to school are too expensive – for example school fees, cost of buying school uniform, textbooks or of taking a bus to travel to school
  • Others have to work to earn money to support the family – there are 218 million children in developing countries who have to work
  • In some places there are no schools, or no qualified teachers to work in them
  • Other children are discriminated against because of a disability
  • Or they are living in countries affected by war and schools may have been damaged or destroyed
  • Even when children do go to school, they may find themselves in very large classes of more than 100 pupils – and may still miss out on a good education
What do governments need to do?
  • All countries need to make education a top priority and invest enough money in it
  • Richer countries should pay a fair share towards the cost of education for everyone around the world
  • They should also play a part in international work to make sure the promise of education for everyone is kept
  • Governments need to make good plans for education so that everyone – whether rich or poor, disabled or not, girl or boy, living in a situation of war or not – can get the chance to go to school
  • Education must be free for everyone
  • Governments need to build enough schools and employ enough teachers - around the world 18 million more teachers are needed
How many adults cannot read or write?
759 million adults.
Two thirds are women.

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