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1GOAL Lesson

By teaching the 1GOAL lesson we have the opportunity to ensure that world leaders commit to Education for All goals by 2015.

So... encourage your school, your old school, a school in your area to teach the "1GOAL: Lesson for All" --- and take part and be counted.

WHEN: On the 20th of April, in over 100 countries, millions of people will be taking part in the "1GOAL: Lesson for All" (if you are unable to teach the lesson on the 20th, we encourage you to teach the lesson on any other day up until the World Cup begins).

WHY: 72 Million children around the world do not go to school and in South Africa millions of children are denied their right to a quality public education.

By taking part in the 1GOAL Lesson:

1) You are standing in solidarity with our brothers and sisters around the world who are denied their right to an education. You are also taking a stand for their right to an education because by taking part in the lesson you, and every person taking part, will be counted and this information will be sent to world leaders. This will help to make sure that world leaders keep their promise that by 2015 everyone receives a free, quality public education.

2) You are mobilising around and expressing your concern for education in South Africa.

3) Everyone taking part has the opportunity to share their educational experiences, concerns and hopes with other South Africans, as well as our leaders.

What you need to do:

1) Teach the lesson (Download the South African 1GOAL lesson at www.ppen.org.za: available in English, isiXhosa, Afrikaans --- there is also a Lesson for Adult Learners)

2) Return the validation form (attached to the lesson). This is very important as this information will be sent to world leaders to ensure that they keep their promise to commit to the Education for All goals.

3) "Yellow Card" you education concerns
Get the children in your school, the teachers, parents, guardians and community members to send a message of their concerns around education to the President on a yellow card (see the lesson for more information)

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