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1GOAL: Frequently Asked Questions

Why Join 1GOAL?
i) Education beats poverty but 72 million children across the world are still not in school
ii) World Leaders can change this and are coming together around the FIFA World Cup in 2010
iii) Join 1GOAL and ask world leaders to achieve a lasting legacy of education to everyone

What is 1GOAL?
1GOAL is a new campaign for the 2010 FIFA World Cup to ensure that every child worldwide has the opportunity to go to school and learn. 1GOAL is collecting names and support from the public, footballers and celebrities to make a united plea to all governments to meet their target on 'Education for All'.

What is 'Education for All'?
'Education for All' is the international commitment that world leaders have signed up to - to provide a good quality public education to all children and adults by 2015. The commitment includes prioritising those who are currently missing out on an education, getting them into school, and making sure when they're in school they get the chance to learn, with qualified teachers. They goals include giving adults who missed out on school, the chance to learn to read and write. Find out more on the UNESCO website

When I join 1GOAL where does my name go?
By joining 1GOAL you join the 1GOAL petition of people who want to make sure everyone gets an education. 1GOAL will deliver the millions of names to governments ahead of the next UN meeting on 'Millennium Development Goals' in September 2010, asking them to ensure that the education goals are met by the 2015 deadline.

We will also send you emails from 1GOAL, unless you don't want them, about all the exciting things happening in the campaign, in the run up to the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

Why the FIFA 2010 World Cup?

The 2010 FIFA World Cup is the world's biggest single sporting event. With over half the world watching, it is a time when millions come together to share the passion of football, and for the first time ever it is being hosted in South Africa. These unique circumstances are ideal for focussing international attention on the need for education in developing nations and across the globe.

What will be done to support these efforts and see it through after the 2010 FIFA World Cup?
The 1GOAL campaign is run by an established international coalition, the Global Campaign for Education (GCE). After the World Cup, GCE and its member national coalitions will continue to ensure that the progress made by 1GOAL is built upon, to make sure that everyone has an education by 2015. Visit the GCE website.

  • It’s simple JOIN 1GOAL. All you need to do is add your name and email on the homepage. If you agree to us sending you emails, we’ll let you know what’s happening at 1GOAL, and send you information about what you can do to encourage leaders.
  • Ask your friends and colleagues to JOIN 1GOAL

  • Tweet about 1GOAL. Follow us on www.twitter.com/join1goal and tweet using the #join1goal. You’re comment will then appear on the 1GOAL website here

  • If you have a website - and you would like to place a widget (a link to the 1GOAL homepage) or a 1GOAL banner or your site as a way of supporting 1GOAL please go to this link and download the ‘Supporter Kit’ - http://www.join1goal.org/en/supporters-kit

How do I get my class or school involved in 1GOAL?
The best way to get your class or school involved in 1GOAL is by taking part in the 1GOAL Lesson (20th April) during Global Action Week. Join over a million schools that will be carrying out the 1GOAL lesson.

Can I donate?
No, we're not asking for your money. Quite simply we're asking you to sign your name for those who can't, so that we can present your name to world leaders.

How did 1GOAL start?
1GOAL is the initiative of the football strand of the Class of 2015: Education for All. The Class of 2015 was set up at the UN in September 2008 by the Global Campaign for Education to ensure that the Education for All goals are met by 2015. Class members include FIFA, international charities, celebrities and some governments. Visit the Class of 2015 website (link)

Who's signed up to 1GOAL?
Every day the 1GOAL team is growing! Those in the team include Zinedine Zidane, Rio Ferdinand, Thierry Henry, Robinho, Michael Essien, Aaron Mokoena, Nwankwo Kanu, Nicolas Anelka, Mikael Silvestre, David James, Kolo Touré, Javier Zanetti, Michael Owen, Mia Hamm, Marcel Desailly, Sir Bobby Charlton, Gary Lineker.

The team continues with many non-footballers including Queen Rania of Jordan, FIFA's President Sepp Blatter, Jessica Alba, Clive Owen, Kevin Spacey, Bono, Bob Geldof and Kelly Rowland. Other 1GOAL supporters include private companies and international charities.

Who's missing out on an education?
i) 72 million children are not in school.
ii) 776 million adults cannot read this sentence.
iii) The majority of children denied an education are girls.

Why are 72 million children not in school?

Children are excluded from school for a number of reasons - because of illness, HIV, disability, because they live in an area of conflict, or are discriminated against because of their background. Millions don't make it to school simply because they are too poor. Their families can't afford the school fees that some governments still charge, or they are being put to work to support their family either at home, on the farm or in factories.

But we know how to change this. Since the Global Campaign for Education started, some governments have listened, providing more aid, or free schooling, and more than 40 million children previously without an education now have the chance to go to school. The world has the resources and capacity to give every child this chance. But we need every government to make this a reality. Join 1GOAL and we'll deliver your name to world leaders asking them to ensure everyone goes to school.

Why is education so important?
i) Education reduces the chances of being infected with HIV/AIDS.
ii) A child born to a mother who can read is 50% more likely to survive past the age of five.
iii) One year of schooling can increase a person's earnings by 10%.

Has 1GOAL got a newsletter that I can subscribe to?
Join 1GOAL and you will receive the 1GOAL newsletter once every two weeks. This online newsletter will keep you posted on what's happening at 1GOAL. If you don't want to receive the news simply press unsubscribe on the newsletter when you receive it.

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