вторник, 16 марта 2010 г.

Jessica Alba visits South Africa in support of 1GOAL

Hollywood Actress, Advocate and 1GOAL: Education for All campaign Co-Chair Jessica Alba today visited education projects in
Soweto and Alex and met with Chief Executive of LOC Dr Danny Jordaan at Soccer City, where she had a tour of the stadium.

AlbaJessica Alba said: "I've had an incredible visit to South Africa,
listening and learning about the fight for education for all and sharing
in the world's excitement about the upcoming World Cup. Education beats
poverty, but today, 72 million children are out of school around the
world. We have to change this and this year we can. Not only is this
going to be a tournament to remember, the Education Summit President
Zuma is planning will help ensure that the lasting legacy of this World
Cup will be education for every child."

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